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Kabita’s Kitchen Chaat Masala

Kabita’s Kitchen Chaat Masala

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Brand: Kabita’s Kitchen

Diet Type: Vegetarian

Product: Chaat Masala

Item Form: Powder

Net Quantity: 100g

Number of items: 1 mono carton per pack

About this item:

  • Sprinkle a burst of flavour onto your favourite chaats with our premium Kabita’s Kitchen Chaat Masala.

  • Crafted with expertise, our special blend is free from any added colours, fillers, additives, or preservatives, ensuring an authentic and hygienic taste.

  • Perfect for enhancing your Papdi Chaat, Fruit Chaat or any other tasty chaat at home.

  • Our Chaat Masala is made with 100% natural ingredients and spices. 

  • Bring home the zesty flavours of street food with our special Chaat Masala!

  • Allergen Information:

This product contains ingredients (aamchur, black salt, cumin, coriander, black pepper, anardana, green chilli powder, ajwain, asafoetida, chilli, ginger, citric acid, salt) that may cause allergic reactions. Requesting you to read the ingredients carefully before purchasing/consuming. 

Product Description:

  • Kabita’s Kitchen is dedicated to elevating your dining experience by introducing you to convenience and ease of cooking through their varied range of all-natural Masalas

  • Add a little extra zing to your homemade chaats: 

Elevate your chaat game with our Chaat Masala, infusing your homemade creations with an explosion of flavour. 

  • Free of preservatives and added colour: 

Treat yourself to exquisite flavour with our Chaat Masala, meticulously crafted without any preservatives or artificial colours, ensuring that every sprinkle is a testament to natural goodness. 

  • 100% Vegetarian: 

Satisfy your cravings guilt-free with our Chaat Masala, expertly curated with 100% vegetarian ingredients, offering a delightful seasoning option for those following a meatless lifestyle.



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